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Established law firm provides focused support for businesses and individuals in the Kennesaw area

A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two parties, whether those parties are business entities or consumers. Contracts are made up of enforceable terms that provide security for a wide range of agreements, including partnerships, employment, sales and leases, transactions, confidentiality agreements and indemnity and liability. Obtaining legal guidance for creating and negotiating contracts allows you to clearly define and understand your rights and obligations in the agreement. If a dispute arises, an attorney can represent your best interests during arbitration or litigation. At Sovran Law Firm, P.C., I handle contract drafting, negotiation and enforcement for clients in the Kennesaw area and throughout Georgia so that their rights under the contract terms are upheld.

Dedicated attorney develops fair and enforceable contracts

We work to make sure the terms of your contract clearly reflect the wishes of all parties involved and the agreements that have been reached. A well-written contract can reduce the need for future litigation by clearly detailing the proper procedures in all foreseeable situations. At Sovran Law Firm, P.C., We handle:

  • Contract drafting — We draft contracts with an eye toward protecting your best interests in light of contingencies. We will take the time to listen to your goals and advise you on the various considerations and precautions that apply to your specific circumstances.

  • Contract review — You should not sign a contract written by another person without first having an informed legal professional look over the terms and point out changes that better protect your interests. Our firm provides meticulous contract review services.

  • Contract modification — If you and the other party agree to make changes to an existing contract, we can draw up amendments to reflect the new terms. In some cases, it may be advisable to create a new contract instead.

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We are dedicated to helping you achieve the results you desire by ensuring the terms of the agreement protect your interests.

Trusted professional handles breach of contract disputes

If one party to a contract does not live up to their side of the agreement, it can be considered a breach, allowing the other party to sue for any damages that resulted from the breach. These damages may account for physical goods and/or profits lost on sales that fell through, time wasted waiting for deliveries that did not arrive as promised, loss of reputation or other negative consequences. Whether you are seeking to enforce the terms of an agreement or you are accused of committing a breach of contract, we have the litigation skills to achieve a positive outcome.

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If your company is in the process of drafting or negotiating a contract, or if a contract has been breached, it is wise to seek legal help promptly. Call Sovran Law Firm, P.C. today or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at my Atlanta office.